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Mormons for Equality (MFE) is composed of individuals associated with the Mormon faith and tradition who work to further the cause of legal equality for LGBTQ individuals. MFE is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. History: The predecessor of MFE was Mormons for Marriage, formed under the direction of John [...]

Our Mission


We strive to: Create places online and “in real life” where Mormons or individuals with some affiliation to Mormonism can provide mutual support, share stories, and organize activities and initiatives. Provide information resources for navigating a relationship with fellow Church members and local and general leaders as both an active Latter-day Saint and a marriage [...]

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Find frequent updates on our Facebook page, and join your local efforts! California Mormons for Marriage Equality Washington Mormons for Marriage Equality Oregon Mormons for Marriage Equality Utah Mormons for Marriage Equality Maryland Mormons for Marriage Equality Marylanders for Marriage Equality Minnesota Mormons United for All Familes North Carolina Mormons for Marriage Equality Mormons Building [...]

March With Us

Join us again in 2013 as we march around the country in support of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters!

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Thank you for joining us in 2012:

June 3, 2012: Utah Pride Festival in Salt Lake City, UT

June 9, 2012: Capital Pride in Washington, D.C.

June 16, 2012: Boise Pride in Boise, ID

June 17, 2012: Pride Northwest in Portland, OR

June 23, 2012: Cleveland Pride in Cleveland, OH

June 23, 2012: Houston Pride in Houston, TX

June 23, 2012: Santiago, Chile

June 24, 2012: NYC Pride in New York, NY

June 24, 2012: San Francisco Pride in San Francisco, CA

June 24, 2012: Seattle Out & Proud in Seattle, WA

June 24, 201s: Chicago Pride Parade in Chicago, IL

July 21, 2012: San Diego LGBT Pride in San Diego, CA

October 6, 2012: Mid-South Pride Festival in Memphis, TN




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